We've been there too, Beyonce...

We've been there too, Beyonce...


Chelsie: Our big-time granola roommate. She's cool, but she's got a definite hippie-mother-earth thing going on, and she's not around munch since she takes a lot of outdoorsy adventure trips with her boyfriend.

Don Quixote: The Spanish-speaking boy in my ward who won't give it up that Kait doesn't want to date him. Lives in a fantasy land, paranoid, and altogether strange. Often makes inappropriate comments about her body and has been known to go to extreme measures to make any kind of contact with her.

NCMO- Non-Commital Make-Out, kissing with no committment to date or try to carry on any sort of relationship.

Nickelcade: A cheap arcade in Orem where all the games cost a nickel.  This makes it one of the most popular places for starving students to bring their dates and try to impress them with their Ninja Turtle arcade prowess.  That sentence alone should give you an idea of the kinds of guys we have to work with here.

Ward Menu: A ward directory that includes photos, apartments and often phone numbers of every person living in the ward boundaries.  Similar to one of those picture menus they use in tourist spots in case you can't read English, only instead of ordering the rib-eye, the guys are looking for which apartments have the cutest girls.