We've been there too, Beyonce...

We've been there too, Beyonce...

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Desperado, why don't you come to your senses?

After a glorious time spent with my family, I am finally back in Provo to start getting geared up for the Summer term. I came back in high spirits: it's getting hot in P-town, the pool is open, McKenna made a welcome-back cake (and she never bakes, so that was big), and I also heard a really hot guy from my single's ward back home was coming to Provo for summer term as well.

Needless to say, when he spotted me walking down the street last weekend, he left a message on my facebook about thinking it was me, but he wasn't sure. Like some desperate idiot, I immediately answered back that it was and did everything but drool in this message about how we should hang out sometime and left him my number.

I waited a couple days...I waited a couple more days...I waited a week and still no call, no text, not even another facebook message. I've never felt so desperate in my life, running frantically to find the phone everytime it beeped or rang.

I've never had this before. I'm always the one to get pursued (usually by a crazy): I've never done the pursuing myself. And was I actually getting rejected on my first try? Why did he find it important enough to make a comment of facebook if he really has no interest whatsoever in me at all? Am I overthinking it?

Anyway, these were some of the questions that were rolling through my head as I went through my first round of getting totally blown off.

Day before last, I reached a point of desperation: I actually found an excuse to call my crazy stalker from the last entry just to hear the strained tones of someone who liked me trying to keep their enthusiasm under wraps. Being back at directing ward choir and most of our males being gone, I called to ask if he was still going to sing with us or not. Get this:

Him: "Hello?"
Me: "Hey, how are you?"
Him: "Who is this?"
Me: "Really? Are we going to play that game?"
Him: "Seriously, who is this?"

He tries to play the "I-deleted-your-number-don't-know-who-you-are-because-I-so-totally-don't-care-that-you-rejected-me" thing, and I wasn't buying it. His hello was way to excited to be for some stranger. Finally, I get him to "realize" who it is and ask about my church business.

Last night, I get a text message from him supposedly addressed to someone named "Ryan" asking about when they were going to go rock-climbing. I'm pretty sure it was another ploy to try to see if I'm interested enough to answer. I didn't, but I was secretly satisfied that my charms still worked on someone at least.

Was I wrong to make the first move with the hot guy? Where did I go wrong? How forward is too forward when it's the lady who's making the moves? Help!


  1. Interesting enough, the name he happens to be texting is "Ryan". Perhaps a little too interesting. You could have texted back, "I'm free on Saturday, but you're going to have to teach me." (guys love it when they get to teach a girl something).

    Guys aren't girls and don't play the, "I sent the text to the wrong person on purpose to gauge her interest." Guys aren't smart enough to pull this off. Besides, when is responding to a text not intended for you showing interest, and how did you have his number but he not have yours?

    Facebooking "hot guy" and disclosing your number does not count as a move. Come on Kait, hang in there, these aren't the beaches of Normandy that you're trying to storm. Sounds like "hot guy" is new to the area, so let him graze.

    If you want to pursue him, you're going to need 3 things.

    1. A popcorn machine
    2. A gardening hose
    3. A stuffed water buffalo

    All kidding aside, totally stalk this guy, figure out his schedule, then find a way to "bump" into him. Ok, don't do that.

    The best thing you can do is figure out a way to invite him to something. Fore example, sign up to feed the missionaries and ask him to be there so the elders can come in. After you show off your cooking skills, tell him you're having a few friends over to play some games and invite him to stick around.

  2. Yeah, I don't think you made a move on him with your little note. I agree with Ryan that since he's new to the area, he's probably just taking his time and/or swamped.

    Obviously though, he is a fool for making you wait. I've been in this situation before and it's basically the worst feeling ever. Keep us updated!

  3. PS - I love the title of this post. lol. It's great.

  4. Elizabeth- Thanks! My mom is a big Eagles fan, so I know almost all of their songs word for word.

    Ryan- Good suggestion for getting him into my clutches. However, I do contest that men do play games like that. McKenna can also vouch for that from all her personal experience, and I've had guys send me messages like that enough times to realize it was done on purpose.

  5. Men LOVE playing games! Or boys do. Either way, its not very genuine to pretend you're too simple as a species to try to be sneaky. They might not always be very GOOD at it, but they do try.

    You guys read MBP, right? Either they're young schemers over analyzing the girls they date way more than Kait's stalker does, or they're 30 something year old men pretending to be young schemers...Either way you can't say they're too dumb to play games :P

    Besides: Who in the world starts text messages with the person's name? He wouldn't have put "Ryan," if he were really trying to talk to Ryan. Ryan is the only person with Ryan's cellphone, there's no need to specify.

  6. Alright Kait and McKenna, guys do like to play games, but only if we win. Why do you think guys like sports so much. Perhaps Kait should have texted him back, she may have scored a date with "hot guy".

    As far as schemers, they do exist, we call them Wile E. Coyotes and even blogged about them. "Hot guy" doesn't sound like a schemer, for all we know he could have walked up to "Ryan" today in church and asked why he didn't respond to his text about rock climbing. Kait still could have probably gotten a date out of it.

    Just remember: If you want to go out with "hot guy" you may just have to play his game to get a date. Did he even respond to your Facebook message?

  7. I'm not sure if you guys read the post thoroughly.

  8. Come on Kait, we were hoping after you posted this he called and now you guys have a date set up for this week.

  9. No I mean you didn't read the post well enough to distinguish that there's two different guys...

  10. We got that, we were just thinking it was "hot guy", not stalker that had texted you. Leave up to guys to get this confused, we'll be more careful next time.

    Any updates on "hot guy"?

  11. He never called or texted or even responded by facebook; that's a total rejection right there.

  12. That's a tricky situation. I don't think you were wrong to let the hot boy know you're interested. If he wants to call back, he will. If he doesn't, that's fine, too. There's no use fretting over a boy who doesn't call, especially if he's a hot one. (That's just me, though. I typically find that beautiful men are typically waaaay too stuck up for my tastes.)

    Anyway, don't worry about it. If he wants to chill, he'll call, even if it takes him a little while. If he's got other interests, that's okay, too. You'll get someone better. ;-)

    I hope things go well!

  13. I tend to text the wrong person ALL THE TIME. (I even fb chatted with this cute guy calling him "Chubbs" because he had the same name as my brother.) It might have been an accident!